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The Double Cleanse Method - A Story of How To Find Time For You

Cleansing MethodsNikki Carl

Yeah Right, Like I Have the Time for THIS!

Sun up: You wake up, you’ve got things to do.

Sun down: You’re tired, all you want to do is go to bed!

You don’t have time to clean your skin twice! I know, I know - taking care of ourselves usually comes after everything else. This is a backwards mentality though. How can we do everything else that we’re supposed to do daily if we don’t take care of ourselves first? When I was first introduced to the double-cleansing method, I laughed and said, “Yeah RIGHT! I barely get a single routine in before bed.” The more I thought about laughing this off, the more I realized just how neglectful I really am to myself and it truly hurt my feelings. I legit hurt my own feelings for being so neglectful of myself.

It’s Habitual

What we do daily becomes routine. So routine, that a lot of it becomes habitual. Day in and day out we practice these habitual behaviors and go for long periods of time before we stop and take care of ourselves.

Perfect example: As the creator and owner of Noble Theory LLC, you would think that I would spend a lot of time taking care of myself on a day-to-day basis, right? Yeah, you’d think. The trouble with this though, is that I have a habitual set of behaviors that I repeat daily. In my mind, I have all these things to accomplish in a day and if I so much as step outside of one minute of time to do anything but focus on this list of things, I’ll never get anything done. EW!! I don’t like living that way. True, a lot of what I do is necessary, but I shouldn’t be so forgetful of myself all the time. This type of neglect should be a crime!

Making the Time

I’ve resolved to rearrange my priorities starting with the moment I wake up. I already wake up at 5:00 AM though and I still feel like I’m hustling out of the door just to make it to work on time already. Now I need to wake up earlier?

No. I know that I’m already going to wash my face, I just usually do it before I get into the shower, after everything else. So instead of waking up and heading straight to the kitchen for coffee or tea, sit down and read emails, or start working on my list of things to do, I go straight to the bathroom and wash my face…and get this, I do it twice AND still have time for coffee or tea. All I’ve done is rearrange the order in which I do things, making sure to put the very first thing that I do in the morning at the top of the list of things to do. So, why shouldn’t the very first thing that I do be for myself?

Nothing Makes Any Sense!

Living in a fast-paced world with a mile-long list of daily accomplishments is maddening! We work and think - and work and strive - and work and [whatever]. All too often emergencies come up which throws everything off kilter. So now we’re all stressed out because we’re behind on our daily tasks - we forgot to send out that email or return that phone call and the bills are due, and now I can hear my cat in the bathroom unraveling the toilet paper roll, shredding it all over the place, having a great time, and…

STOP! Yes, we have things to achieve today. Yes, things pop up in our lives that take priority over some of those daily tasks on that list. Yes, we have people who rely on us to meet our obligations and responsibilities and we are doing the best that we can. But what’s missing?

We have forgotten about ourselves today and we’re likely to do it again tomorrow. How can we go on like this day in and day out? Truth be told, we don’t. We end up burnt out, sick, tired and immobile so it takes more time to recover from the neglect! Maddening!

Making Sense of Time

Think about all the things we do in a day. Now think about how many times we’ve been able to achieve everything on that list. Honestly, we normally don’t. Something comes up which takes higher priority so naturally, some things just lag. Question: did the world come to an end because you didn’t complete your entire list of things? No, it didn’t.

So, when we arrange our daily activities around ourselves first, we’ve already accomplished the MOST important thing that day, we’ve done something that gives us the energy to take on tomorrow’s list. Whatever comes first on your list of things to do that day is done before you even begin working through the rest. Here’s the clincher, some of the things that we can fill that time slot with can bring us even more energy so that we have an abundance of energy to tackle the list of things. In fact, if we did our workout routine in the morning, that energy would not only allow us to tackle an entire day of things to do, we’d also be better to deal with anything else that may pop up. So…think of yourself first Making this change will change your life!

True Grit - How to Double Cleanse

The way I learned to double-cleanse was to cleanse with oils first and then follow that up with a soap-based face wash. As you already know, I don’t use soap on my face. So, I stepped outside of the lines of what I was taught and turned it into something altogether different. Here’s what I do:

Morning Routine

1.      I cleanse with the cleansing grains first. This step exfoliates the dead skin that has formed overnight during my sleep.

2.      Then I cleanse with my oil cleanser. This step gets deep down into the pores and removes any excess oil without stripping away too much.

3.      Once I’m done cleansing my face. I get into the shower.

4.      After my shower, I pat myself dry, comb my hair and spritz my face, neck & chest with my toner.

5.      Then I moisturize. Starting with my face first then move on to the rest of my body.

Evening Routine

I go to bed every night at the same time, so I know exactly how much time I need to do my nightly routine. Therefore, I know when I need to start it. It is as follows:

1.      Actually, I brush my teeth first.

2.      Cleanse with the cleansing grains.

3.      Followed by an oil cleanse.

4.      Followed by a toner.

5.      Followed by a night serum.

Just like everything else, your skin becomes used to a routine and starts acting as it should when you treat it well. When you treat yourself well, you feel good about life and it can have a domino effect. Adding more self-care steps to your routine gives your body a break. When you feel and look your best you’ll start to achieve more in a day and do better for yourself over time.

Don’t let the world make you forget about you. You’re just as important as the next person and you should treat yourself accordingly.

Much Love!



Oil Cleansing - What Our Skin Is Missing

Cleansing MethodsNikki CarlComment

Really? You Want Me to Do What Now?

We know, it sounds peculiar to talk about oil cleansing as if it’s a good thing. The truth is, it’s a GREAT thing!

We’ve all seen the ads running for oil cleansers and wonder at the claims of how they are becoming the best method for deep cleaning our pores and removing our daily gunk, including make-up. You must admit, you’re a bit curious.

Curious Minds for Curious Times

Our ever-curious minds needed to know, was all the hype real? Oil cleansers are expensive. Rightfully so, oils are expensive, and they can range in price, anywhere from $.90/oz. - $16.00/oz. and that price is based on the high-quality organic oils that our company uses. While researching other brands based on their price, we were finding an issue; some of the oils that were making up these oil cleansers were ones that, in our experience, are known to clog pores and not surprisingly, they were known cheaper oils marked up to an exponentially higher price. Not to mention, of course, the rather long list of preservatives inside of those pretty little bottles. Mass produced products can sit on shelves for a long time, so they have to throw preservatives in there to keep their investment from spoiling.

We hate that! What we set out as an intentional trial period of store-bought oil cleansers became an adventure of ‘how can we make this better?’ We just couldn’t take the plunge and make those purchases. Doing so felt too much like we were supporting the continued use of chemicals, preservatives & cheaply purchased oils at a premium price. Quite frankly, we don’t want those things near our skin and we’re certainly not going to go broke to do something we’re against! So, there’s that…

The Drawing Board: Our Mission

What we found that was lacking in store-bought cleansing oils needed to be fixed immediately. We had to steer clear of using oils that were known to clog the pores and these oils needed to be put together in the proper ratio based on average skin types. Additionally, we had to keep the price affordable enough for all people! It’s not as easy as it sounds, but our end product is proof of a mindful practice.

What’s in the Bottle?

For those of you who are familiar with our company, you know that we only use the highest and freshest quality ingredients. Every oil used in our oil cleansers are oils that are known to unclog pores due to their astringent properties and natural cleansing effects. The only preservatives that we use in any of our products are plant-based which does extend the shelf-life of our products just a bit. Here’s our thing, if your products are sitting on your counter for a year, you’re not using them as intended - so what’s the point? Each bottle of Glossit Cleansing Oil is a well-designed product suited to your specific needs. From sunflowers to nuts without the fillers, we’d be proud to take the challenge against store-bought products.

Breaking It All Down

While researching other oil cleansers, we couldn’t help but notice that the bottles were tiny and didn’t quite match the price tag attached. Uhm, $92 FOR 4 OUNCES?!! Has the world gone mad? Seriously. We don’t know what’s crazier, the price tag on these small bottles of known pore clogging oils & preservatives, or that people are actually buying them! Sorry…not sorry. What you do with your money is your business and typically, we refrain from junk-talking other companies doing their thing because we’re not in it for that. But COME ON! Let’s be reasonable here, can we?

We’re sure these products are great (or whatever) and yes, we get it, spending that much on ANYTHING we use to wash our faces with makes us feel luxurious - but…how much of that is us telling ourselves that it’s working? That just doesn’t work for us.

Our 8 oz. bottles of mindfully-crafted oil cleansers are cost effective. Each bottle can last anywhere between 2 - 3 months. At $52 per 8 oz. bottle, you’re now talking about $17 - $26 per month. That’s premium quality at an affordable price. What’s even more important than that? How about, it works!

Sold! Now, How Do I Use This Stuff

It’s SO EASY! Around here, we use the double-cleansing method. However, if you’re just beginning your oil cleansing journey here’s a step-by-step guide on a simple regimen that will leave your skin feeling and looking so good.

  1. Pull your hair back and away from your face, securing it with a clip and headband.

  2. Using a clean rag, soak the rag with hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself. You’re only using the hot water on the rag to open your pores up, not burn your skin off.

  3. Place the hot rag on your face, pressing firmly. Just take a moment to relax and breathe.

  4. Pump 1 - 2 pumps of cleansing oil into the palm of your hand. (You can use an extra pump if cleansing your neck as well).

  5. Massage the oils into the skin in an upward, outward, circular motion. The way the oils slide over your face as you gently massage the skin feels so good and relaxing.

  6. Leave the oils to rest on your skin for another 30 seconds. This gives the oils time to dissolve all the dirt, sebum & make-up.

  7. Rinse your rag out with hot water once more.

  8. Pace the rag onto your skin and, in a gentle motion, slowly wipe away the cleansing oils. The key here is to be gentle.

  9. Rinse your rag and once more, gently go over the skin to finish removing any remaining oils.

  10. Pat dry with a clean towel.

  11. Follow up with a good toner & moisturizer.

And that’s it! You will notice a difference in your skin immediately. We assure you that you will love it so much, it will become a part of your daily skin-care regimen…and that’s the whole point!

Our Conclusion

The hype is real!


A Public Apology: Lavender & Diabetes

Nikki CarlComment

This week, we posted one of your favorite products and made a mistake in the information we posted about diabetics and the use of lavender. Questioned by a fan who follows us on IG, we went back and fact checked so that we could further explain our reasoning for posting the claim. We were wrong in stating that diabetics should avoid lavender altogether. Our data got crossed somewhere and after having gone back to research, we found that somehow, in our research notes, lavender had made the list of essential oils to avoid if you have diabetes.

First, and foremost, this information in which we were posting about was related to oral dosage which was never stated on the site. The further we dug, the sooner we saw that lavender is actually beneficial to those with diabetes as the scent can help relieve some of the symptoms of diabetes. Stress can make diabetic symptoms worse, and that’s where lavender comes into play.

We spend a lot of time researching and documenting studies done on essential oils as a basis for all of our products so that we can assure the safe handling of the oils by those who have health conditions like diabetes or are on certain medications which can interact with certain essential oils due to their constituents. This is the entire foundation we stand on when creating new products, that’s how important it is to us.

That being said, we crossed our data and this is our public apology for the giving of misinformation. It can be scary to admit when we’ve made mistakes. There are a lot of people in this world who never own theirs because they fear that people will question their integrity or fear that more questions will arise from it. That’s okay. It’s important that we have the discussion when findings or writings are wrong, it’s what makes everything better!

In turn, we are very excited in knowing that you’re paying attention, listening & asking questions. This is the proper way to become advocates of our own health. Oftentimes we wonder if anyone is really reading the content, if we shouldn’t continue the studies but perhaps not invest the time in writing about it and sharing with the public…but this further solidifies to us that we should continue to write about it and have the discussions, because people want and need to understand, just like me. I personally thank you for that. This is our purpose and our sole reasoning to continue doing what we do. If and when we make mistakes, we’re not going to cover them up and act like it didn’t happen, we’re the type of business who will own it, admit it, retract it and tell you what’s really going on. Transparency is very important to us as well.

Since we’re on the subject, we would like to note that there is a list of essential oils that should be approached with caution if taken orally by diabetics because of their function in blood-sugar levels. This list comes directly from the Second Edition of Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand & Rodney Young, and fore worded by Elizabeth M. Williamson, which states that:

“The following essential oils should be used with caution orally in diabetic subjects whose blood glucose levels are being controlled by orthodox drugs”:

  • Anise
  • Anise (star)
  • Basil (lemon)
  • Black Seed
  • Cassia
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Dill
  • Fennel (bitter)
  • Fennel (Sweet)
  • Fenugreek
  • Geranium
  • Lemon Leaf
  • Lemongrass
  • May chang
  • Melissa
  • Myrtle
  • Myrtle (aniseed)
  • Myrtle (honey)
  • Myrtle (lemon)
  • Tea Tree (lemon-scented)
  • Turmeric
  • Verbena (lemon)

Again, we’d like to express that this list reflects those that should be avoided orally by diabetics because of their actions to blood sugar levels and potential interactions with orthodox drugs taken by diabetics.

We really appreciate those who listen and pay attention to this portion of our hard work. It’s why we do what we do! Thank you.

Nikki C.

Noble Theory LLC Owner

Think Big! Shop Small

New BeginningsNikki CarlComment

Shop Small is more than just a celebration of local businesses. It’s a carnival of community! Something very beautiful happens when you shop small…

We are the 90%

Did you know? A reported 90% of small business owners give back to their communities? Ninety-percent! Small business owners and their co-workers not only give back to their communities on a monetary level, but they also tend to donate their time, energy and efforts to build their community up. When you shop small, you’re actually now a part of something much bigger than you may have ever realized. Now, you’re a part of the greater good. And that’s big!

Discounts from the Big Guys

Sure, Shop Small may be the counter-part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and big-box stores really do offer great deals…but so do your local guys and dolls! It’s a large known fact that small business owners will bend over backwards to please their customers & clients. Your happiness is important to us because that directly translates into repeat business and referrals…and the whole beautiful cycle just continues to move in a direction of positive action.  

The Human Factor

Quality customer service has become a thing of the past when doing business with “the big boys.” It mostly feels like the human factor has been completely removed from a lot of businesses we frequently deal with today. That’s because their bottom line is money, NOT YOU! When you shop small, you’re usually dealing directly with the owner and their counter-parts whose main focus is you and your complete satisfaction. This means that you will usually receive big-big love for your support. When you shop in your own community where people know your name, there’s a spirit of kinship that emanates and that’s always a nice feeling.

Less Is Better

Our minds are overstimulated when we are offered too many choices. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when having to make decisions? Small business owners have actually taken the guess-work out of the big purchase for us because they only carry a few select choice products based on quality and value, thus eliminating the common frustration we often feel when having to make the decision to spend our hard-earned cash. Small business owners understand the value of money and, more importantly, the value of the products they carry, making your purchase a little bit more meaningful. Choosing to shop locally is the simplest choice that we can make and doing so helps make our communities just a bit stronger every time.

So, as you can see, being small is a pretty big deal!

Thoughts to Carry with You When You Purchase Noble Goods

Community can mean a lot of different things to many different people. In our case, our community is not a local brick & mortar store-front sitting at the corner of Manchester & Robinson (at the moment) but rather a community spread throughout the world! As our community continues to grow, we are finding that instead of being overly-competitive against one another, we are all supporting and lifting each other to greater heights which makes our community much stronger and less combative. We’re not afraid to support other companies who are currently doing similar things. Each one of us have special factors creating a unique vision while holding the same strong interests, making us a community of like-mindedness. We ARE creating the changes we wish to see in the world and that’s no small task!

On Saturday, November 25th, we at Noble will visit some of our most favorite stores in our beloved community and help support those who give back in a big-big way. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to view our favorite local spots. We would LOVE to see who your favorite local artisans and owners are and show the world who you support. Please share your stories and photos of all of your local favorite hot spots on Instagram and use the hashtag #noblysupportingshopsmall so we can follow all of your stories!

Last stop! Shop at Noble Theory LLC on November 25th between 1:00 AM - 11:00 PM and receive 20% off your total purchase. Additionally, when you purchase a gift card of $50 or more, you’ll receive a free 2 oz. sample of one of our new face masks of your choice before they even hit the store! 

Fair warning: At the moment, when you purchase a gift card, you’ll have to check out on a separate order. Meaning, you will not be able to add a gift card to your existing cart if you are ordering more than the gift card. We’re very sorry, but it is what it is and we’re working it out.