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New Beginnings

Think Big! Shop Small

New BeginningsNikki CarlComment

Shop Small is more than just a celebration of local businesses. It’s a carnival of community! Something very beautiful happens when you shop small…

We are the 90%

Did you know? A reported 90% of small business owners give back to their communities? Ninety-percent! Small business owners and their co-workers not only give back to their communities on a monetary level, but they also tend to donate their time, energy and efforts to build their community up. When you shop small, you’re actually now a part of something much bigger than you may have ever realized. Now, you’re a part of the greater good. And that’s big!

Discounts from the Big Guys

Sure, Shop Small may be the counter-part of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and big-box stores really do offer great deals…but so do your local guys and dolls! It’s a large known fact that small business owners will bend over backwards to please their customers & clients. Your happiness is important to us because that directly translates into repeat business and referrals…and the whole beautiful cycle just continues to move in a direction of positive action.  

The Human Factor

Quality customer service has become a thing of the past when doing business with “the big boys.” It mostly feels like the human factor has been completely removed from a lot of businesses we frequently deal with today. That’s because their bottom line is money, NOT YOU! When you shop small, you’re usually dealing directly with the owner and their counter-parts whose main focus is you and your complete satisfaction. This means that you will usually receive big-big love for your support. When you shop in your own community where people know your name, there’s a spirit of kinship that emanates and that’s always a nice feeling.

Less Is Better

Our minds are overstimulated when we are offered too many choices. Do you ever feel overwhelmed when having to make decisions? Small business owners have actually taken the guess-work out of the big purchase for us because they only carry a few select choice products based on quality and value, thus eliminating the common frustration we often feel when having to make the decision to spend our hard-earned cash. Small business owners understand the value of money and, more importantly, the value of the products they carry, making your purchase a little bit more meaningful. Choosing to shop locally is the simplest choice that we can make and doing so helps make our communities just a bit stronger every time.

So, as you can see, being small is a pretty big deal!

Thoughts to Carry with You When You Purchase Noble Goods

Community can mean a lot of different things to many different people. In our case, our community is not a local brick & mortar store-front sitting at the corner of Manchester & Robinson (at the moment) but rather a community spread throughout the world! As our community continues to grow, we are finding that instead of being overly-competitive against one another, we are all supporting and lifting each other to greater heights which makes our community much stronger and less combative. We’re not afraid to support other companies who are currently doing similar things. Each one of us have special factors creating a unique vision while holding the same strong interests, making us a community of like-mindedness. We ARE creating the changes we wish to see in the world and that’s no small task!

On Saturday, November 25th, we at Noble will visit some of our most favorite stores in our beloved community and help support those who give back in a big-big way. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to view our favorite local spots. We would LOVE to see who your favorite local artisans and owners are and show the world who you support. Please share your stories and photos of all of your local favorite hot spots on Instagram and use the hashtag #noblysupportingshopsmall so we can follow all of your stories!

Last stop! Shop at Noble Theory LLC on November 25th between 1:00 AM - 11:00 PM and receive 20% off your total purchase. Additionally, when you purchase a gift card of $50 or more, you’ll receive a free 2 oz. sample of one of our new face masks of your choice before they even hit the store! 

Fair warning: At the moment, when you purchase a gift card, you’ll have to check out on a separate order. Meaning, you will not be able to add a gift card to your existing cart if you are ordering more than the gift card. We’re very sorry, but it is what it is and we’re working it out.

Noble Theory: An Introduction

New BeginningsNikki CarlComment

Many ideas were tumbled around inside of the name barrel before finally declaring our brand: Noble Theory LLC. We didn't use a name generator or pull separate words from a hat and put them together, the meaning behind our name is more than just a couple words pushed together that merely sounded good.

For many centuries the medicinal properties of plants, trees, herbs, flowers, grains & minerals have all been studied and used by our ancestors who have written their findings on the walls of caves, on stone tablets, on scrolls and in many thoroughly studied compilations of scientific literature covering the basic sciences of the many living medicines that have survived longer than any one of us. Our very own nature system has always been our first great pharmacy. It is the sole reason why we humans have been able to survive and evolve over the thousands of years that we have existed. 

As living creatures, we instinctively know what our bodies need. Our ancestors knew that and today's modern sciences have since proven it. We have come so far in knowing which key constituents of plant matter effect different bodily systems and how those constituents interact with one another synergistically. However, there is no perfect science when it comes to plant medicine and synergy. What we do have though, are some very strong & documented theories of how these plants will interact with each other, within our bodies and within the cells of our very being. Like many great ideas of simple comprehension, we have always had theory first. These theories continue to shape our understanding of Earthly Bodies as we strive to understand whole systems of plant matter and its effects on human health experiences.  

There are many great herbal teachers in the world who have carved a path for all of us who continue running with the burning flame of desire and passion to intimately understand plant-life and their ability to teach us on their own, just by allowing us to trust our own instincts. These herbal scholars do more than just study plants though. They are always so much more than that. They are activists, creators of community and service, caregivers and they are also charitable healers. These acts, in and of themselves, are noble acts of kindness which they frequently and willingly share to anyone seeking natural order and balance so that they too can live out a healthier, happier and more more positive lifestyle. 

These two great qualities of the chosen path we are so dedicated to walking is who Noble Theory LLC is. There is so much work to be done here and we have only just begun. You will currently find a few of our beneficial beauty products for sale in our shop but we are constantly evolving and creating new products. In fact, we currently have two new products in the works as this is being written.

Noble Theory LLC uses the finest quality ingredients and spares no expense when it comes to investing in you, your health & your beauty goals. What you see is what you get. We will NEVER pad our products with additives, fillers, chemicals or other non-essential, harmful elements just to inflate our earnings. In fact, we firmly believe that companies who promise the delivery of 100% organic, high-quality, products but still add things like unnatural dyes, scents, flavorings, parabens, and unethically grown herbs just to make their product more attractive to you are the root cause of the lack of trust that we promise to earn by always remaining honest and pure. 

You will find certain warnings that are associated between some of the herbs and essential oils that may potentially interact with people who take certain medications and who may also have certain allergies. These warnings are posted at the very top of every product description, above the ingredients and also within the contents of the product descriptions when applicable. Here at Noble, you will be able to ask us to fully tailor our products to your specific needs. We will also work with you one on one to create a truly unique product that is as unique as you are.

Though we truly believe in the power of Mother Earth medicines that have been gifted to us over years of theoretic studies that have been composed over thousands of years by our ancestors, in no way do we believe that anything we may sell or promote here at Noble Theory LLC should be substituted for professional medical advice, care or treatment. Before the implementation of any herbal guidance found here or anywhere else, we always suggest seeking the guidance of your physician or health practitioner.