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About Hosting A Noble Theory Spa Party

Becoming a Noble Theory Spa Party Host is as easy as booking an appointment.

What We Do

Noble Theory’s goal is to educate consumers about organic skincare and why using organics is important. Scientifically de-bunk other theories about organic skincare that are currently being circulated through today’s media, teach the proper techniques of using and handling your organic skincare products and treat your guests to experience these self-care, at home, beauty rituals all in the comfort of one another’s company and in your home. Oh, and fun…we also have fun!

How We Do It

  1. Your Noble Theory Spa Representative will arrive at your home about an hour prior to guests arrival to set up. We will set up our stations based on the space(s) available. We will also set up a small projector screen & projector for the educational portion of the spa party.

  2. You will greet your guests however you choose; whether you offer beverages or hors d'oeuvres is up to you.

  3. We give your guests about 20-30 minutes to greet one another, get their beverages/hors d'oeuvres (if offered) before we assemble for our educational presentation. The presentation will take about 30 minutes.

  4. After the presentation, we will break into two’s and start the rotation of each spa station. Each guest will take from 10 - 20 minutes at each station (times vary at each station based on number of guests). This process will take about 2 hours to complete.

  5. Once we have moved all your spa party guests through the stations, we will reassemble so that we can answer any questions and start taking orders for products. We sell all of our products on the spot. This ensures a fresh product purchase for every spa party booked.

What You Get For Becoming A Noble Host

Noble Hosts will receive a special gift just for booking and hosting their Noble Theory Spa Party and will also receive Noble Dollars towards their product purchase based on how many sales are generated through their guests. For each $50 sold, the Noble Host will receive $15 Noble Dollars towards their Noble purchase. That’s 30% of their total sales!

Important Details Before Booking Your Spa Party

Noble Theory LLC Representatives are only able to currently travel a 50 - 60 mile radius from Akron, Ohio unless other arrangements have been made prior to your spa party booking. These details can be worked out by contacting your Noble Theory LLC Representative prior to booking.