Within every one of us there lies a craving that seeks the same balance of nature, the same beauty of flowers gently kissing the sun and the same wonder of the stars above us. Let the stars be our maps to new adventures, the flowers be our friends, and nature, our home.
— Nikki L. Carl, Noble Theory Owner

A Noble Idea

Noble Theory LLC was established by the idea that everyday health and beauty products be of high quality created by a company who demands the consumer come first. Within this idea emerged another idea; let those products be completely personalized to the consumer’s individual needs. What does that mean? It’s simple. Take the money you’re already spending on beauty products and get exactly what you need without the ingredients that are not serving you. Now no longer just a consumer, but a client. We are dedicated to serving your everyday personal needs to promote harmony between your beauty and your well-being without fillers, frill or fluff and absolutely no chemicals! Here at Noble, we see you as the unique individual that you are and respect your taste in affordable quality.


We simply do not use ingredients that have been adulterated, diluted, refined or reconstituted, EVER! No expense has been spared in choosing our vendors for our ingredients. We only create products using ingredients that are from vendors who sell 100% Certified Organic materials that are fully sustainable and are certified Fair-Trade.  It is a binding agreement here at Noble that those who take from Mother Nature be bound to replenish it. Noble Theory LLC WILL NOT use any tree, plant, flower, fungi, herb, oil or mineral that is at risk or endangered at any time because to do so is 100% highly irresponsible & unethical! It is our hope that together, we can help remove the greed that seems to have taken over every aspect in every corner of our world. This is the dawn of an awakening and we can all be a part of it!

100% Tailored Products

Though we do carry general, and very noble, products that are enjoyed daily by some of our best clients, our passion is to know you on a more intimate level and to understand your personal well-being needs as a single individual. No one person is alike and not everybody lives in the same health-state. It is our goal and mission to become one of the first companies to fully customize products based on you, the individual. In other words, we invest in you because that's how important we think you are and this is our passion. 

Every product created is based on scientific theory on how our products work synergistically together based on your individual needs. 


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