Baby Bella Oil - Beneficial Baby Oil for Momma & Baby

Baby Bella Oil - Beneficial Baby Oil for Momma & Baby


Our sweet Baby Bella Oil is more than just a baby oil. This oil was created with both momma & baby in mind. Our oil can be used on momma’s belly, thighs and breasts during pregnancy growth to help prevent stretch marks and keep skin elastic through strengthening the tissues as your body grows. Once baby has arrived, this gentle oil can be used safely on baby to keep delicate new skin protected, soothed & strong. Just two pumps of our oil goes a very long way.

Sold in a 2 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle which can be reused & recycled.

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Bottom Line:


  • Keeps Skin Elastic & Firm During Pregnancy Growth

  • Reduces Risk Of Stretch Marks

  • Renews Dead Skin Cells & Promotes New Skin Cell Growth

  • Repairs, Strengthens & Softens Skin Tissue

  • Assists In Skin Rejuvenation Post Pregnancy


  • Soothing & Cooling To Delicate Skin Tissue

  • Moisturizes & Protects Baby’s Skin

  • Strengthens Skin Tissue


Organic/Kosher Sweet Almond Oil, Organic/Kosher Chamomile, Organic/Kosher English Lavender, Organic/Kosher Rose Buds, Organic/Kosher Comfrey Leaf, Organic/Kosher Marshmallow Leaf, Organic/Kosher Calendula, Organic/Kosher Cold-Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Sea Buckhorn Oil, Organic Sweet Orange EO, Organic Roman Chamomile EO, Organic/Kosher Rosemary Antioxidant CO2 Extract.


During the beginning stages of pregnancy, pump a few pumps of oil into the palm of your hands and gently massage the breasts and belly area in a circular motion, paying close attantion to the sides of each area where skin stretching will originate and cover entire area.

For baby, pump several pumps into palm of hand and rub gently on baby’s skin.

Give a few minutes to allow oil to absorb.