Biodegradable All Natural Agave Washcloth

Biodegradable All Natural Agave Washcloth


Exfoliation is key to healthy, glowing skin.

These beautifully packaged Natural Agave Washcloths from Nash & Jones are made from the Agave plant and are amazing for gently exfoliating the skin. Used to invigorate and soften skin, expose fresh skin cells and help stimulate circulation for the growth of new ones.

You will look forward to your daily shower or bath using these. WE LOVE THEM!

Cloth is 10x10 inches with a finished edge & loop for hanging. 100% entirely biodegradable.

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Made of Agave Sisalana Cactus Fibers which possess anti-microbial properties making it mold & mildew resistant. These fibers are woven into this beautiful double-sided washcloth. One side has greater texture for all-over body exfoliation to help soften the knee & elbow areas and addresses any skin bumps. The other side is just enough texture for the face & neck area.


Soak Agave Cloth in warm water to soften the fibers and use a gentle & mild soap to lather. Rinse the cloth fully and hang to dry between uses.


Machine washable but let air dry. Once pulled from washer, re-shape if necessary by stretching it while it’s damp and let air-dry fully before next use.