Set of Four Bamboo Velour & Fleece Cloth

Set of Four Bamboo Velour & Fleece Cloth


Like washing your face while wearing silk gloves! These super soft & luxurious Bamboo Cloths are naturally hypo-allergenic, very gentle on the skin & naturally antimicrobial.

Made of: Bamboo Velour (70% Bamboo Viscose made from Organic Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 2% Poly) & Bamboo Fleece (70% viscose bamboo and 30% organic cotton fibers).

4 - Double-sided Cloths with stitched edging (7" x 7") enclosed in a recycled pulp clamshell.

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Bamboo is a highly renewable resource which requires zero fertilizers & pesticides to grow very quickly requiring only 2 years of growth before it can be harvested, making it one of the world’s most sustainable textiles. It currently covers about 49 million acres of the Earth’s surface. Bamboo is strong and will retain its shape perfectly years after it has been used & washed.


Wash with whites. No bleach or fabric softener. Tumble or Air Dry only.