Custom Product Terms & Conditions

Please read & fully understand our Terms & Conditions along with our Privacy Policy, Ethics & Standards. We value our clients and their rights but also the rights of all individuals. 

Custom product requests are on a first come, first served, basis. Noble Theory LLC takes the time to research, document & test each and every new product created for your specific needs. As with all good things, everything takes time. Every aspect of Noble Theory LLC is done in-house; research, production, design, marketing & testing is all a part of the bigger picture. Though we would like to generate products at a faster pace, this is just not the way we do business. A great deal of thought & research goes into every product we create. What comes out of it is a well-designed, fully-tailored & useful product for our clients. Please continue to read below Noble Theory's Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy & Ethics of our business.

How custom orders work:

  1. Rights: Every product created by Noble Theory LLC is subject to become a permanent sale item on our website & in retail shops that carry our products. Clients do not own any rights to any product created specific to their needs as these products can help many future clients & the rights are owned solely by Noble Theory LLC. 
  2. Turn-Around Time: Noble Theory LLC can not promise a turn-around time for any new product created. All custom products will be created in the order they are received. Once a custom order is placed, you will be contacted via email to further discuss the details of your order & specific needs. 
  3. Success & Failure: Noble Theory LLC can not promise a successful product every time. Some needs are more complicated to address than others and some just take longer to address. Here at Noble we can only promise one thing and that is to try our best to find a solution to your explicit needs. Clients will not be charged any fee until that product has proven to be a success & a re-order takes place of said product in the future. In short, we listen to your needs, we do the homework, create the product & will essentially ask our clients to test it out for us over a period of one month.
  4. The Catch: During the trial of your product, we ask that you take one (very clear, non-filtered or modified) photo before its use & then one (very clear, non-filtered or modified) photo every week for 4 weeks once you have started using the customized product for a total of 5 photos. If the product is used internally, we will ask for a short report (about a paragraph or so) on a weekly basis for 4 weeks following use. This is the cost of a trial period for the use of our customized products. Sounds easy, right? It is! However, we have created custom products for testers in the past and had them NOT follow through with their end of the bargain. How do we respond? We no longer customize products for them at no cost and any future requests will cost them a fee for our time & research. 
  5. All clients will be contacted via email once a custom product request has been made. Clients will then take the necessary steps to getting a bottom-line product to address their needs & concerns professionally & properly. This includes, but is not limited to, further details of their specific needs, a binding agreement between business & client (signature required) protecting both parties, and an ongoing journaling form for the 4-week trial period as listed in #4 above. 

Noble Theory LLC does not make claims promising to help treat, cure or heal any ailment, illness or disease. Our products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. We are herbalists with theories, not doctors with degrees. Though we do advise our clients become advocates of their own health, we do not suggest or advise that our clients not seek the proper medical attention from licensed health practitioners for such ailments, illnesses or diseases.


Privacy Policy, Ethics & Standards

All clients requesting customized personal solutions have the right to confidentiality. *Noble Theory LLC will not, at any time, reveal the names of clients and promises to keep all personal information confidential. Our foundation is based on ethics & leadership. 

*Revealing information which suggests the client has intent to harm, manipulate, violate, abuse, exploit or otherwise mistreat another individual or individuals through manipulation or gross misconduct, this policy becomes null & void.